Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Comickaze Channel Online with vMix!

I may be a bit biased but I believe this will be huge, possibly the biggest boost to the recognition of comics big and small, that has happened... well maybe ever!

Hyperbole, I think not. What is the #1 reason we hear from all publishers and creators about why they don't promote their work more?

Yep, money Well that excuse is gone now because the COMPLETELY FREE TO USERS Comickaze Channel on vMix.com is now live and over the next few weeks will be uploading comic and comic related content from all over the world and I am still looking for Comic Trailers to help increase the awareness of comics amongst the unenlightened.

Tell your favorite creators, hell, make one for them and send it to me at comickaze@gmail.com with the subject comic trailer. See links in previous posts for examples of what folks are doing.

Actually here's one from Jeffery Stevenson for his new series Task Force 1 from Image Comics.

Videos by vMix Member: Jeffery Stevenson

Not only can you create and run video content but if you're a techno-feeb like me, you can use the free PJ-180 software to create a slideshow with a soundtrack and special effects. On Friday July 21 I took a break from the Comic Con to visit The Palm restaurant where John Romita Sr, Jr and Billy Tan were adding drawings of Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine to the other illustrations and caricatures on the walls of The Palm.

Armed only with my cell phone I snapped off some pictures and later that day took about 15 minutes to slap this together. You can hardly tell I didn;t even bother to read the directions (that's how easy it is).

Videos by vMix Member:

So who's first?
Marvel has already sent copies of trailers, do you really want to cede the lead to them that easily when you have an opportunity that finally lets you go toe to toe with the big boys?

Oh and to my fellow techno-feebs... if you are a creator, ask your fans to make some for you and then send them some cool schwag and mention them in the next issue.

Still here???

Get to work!

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